Bellezza Lifescape

Property Management Apps to manage and interact within Bellezza Permata Hijau to achive the 3 pilars :

Transparent, Accurate and up to date

Bellezza Lifescape is a comprehensive Property Management Apps tailored to support PPPSRS, Building Management, Tenant and Visitors within Bellezza Permata Hijau.

The system covered basic property management needs such as invoicing and payments, to advanced interactions such as access, ticketing system, work orders and facility utilizations.

Bellezza lifescape wil continuously evolve to integrate the latest technology widely avaiable to create a better living experience for all the stakeholders.

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This parking services tends to provide a flexible payment system. A payment functions can also be included to remote, send alert where motorists can pay via their mobile.

Ticketing System

Easily scale, provide personalize help, built to help you solve issues faster than ever & get reporting progress status in real.

Building Operation System

Help system installed in buildings that controls and monitors the building's mechanical electrical equipment such as ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems, security systems, unit systems.

Invoicing System

Transparent, accurate, automatically send payment reminders - and get paid faster.

Bellezza Lifescape